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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  September 3, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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embracing the industry like few other cities in the united states. there were smoking weed illegally outside of city hall.
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>> the international canvas and hem expo could not set up in san francisco, the city of oakland welcome to them to put on a marijuana street festival. something people notice but this was more than anything else, a trade show. >> we're getting seeds. part of this movement is to teach people to grow their own medicine. >> the business to business entrepreneur is indicated that the medical marijuana industry is expanding to involve other mainstream businesses. >> would you be interested about speaking about cannabis services, we offer unique programs to help isolation and cultivators reduce the cycle time on their efforts. >> people are asking about
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quality assurance. we saw a need for quality assurance mechanisms. >> the business of canada's has also attracted notice from the legal profession and insurance industry. >> i am a lawyer specializing in canada's business law. i am part -- -- i am a lawyer specializing in it can this business law. a >> we ensure the growers, the centuries and >> oaklands needs the business.
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>> we have some breaking news to tell you about, several homes have been devised to take shelter because of a police standoff. officers say a man is barricaded inside with a handgun. right now officers are outside the home of the 43 under a block of san paulo wrote try to talk with the man inside. officers and have asked people to stay indoors. >> lives in san jose, officers from santa clara county are operated a dui checkpoint. it is one of several across the state. authorities hoped to keep the streets safer for labor day drivers. fortis 60 people are arrested across the state. we will speak to officer to find out how many arrests have been made tonight. menlo park
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inspectors red tag a building today, the same building or a chemical explosion killed a scientist it entered another inside of research laboratory. kron 4 has the latest of the deadly chemical blast. >> investigators are trying to find out what triggered explosion at his menlo park research company on friday afternoon. 56 year-old adrienne market was mixed against transferring three gases into a cylinder when the explosion occurred. the blast killed the veteran research engineer and injured a female employee inside a laboratory. the company president said the injured employee identified as jenny is no recovery at home. the menlo park fire department says the gases could have triggered an explosion. that is one of the possibilities there looking into. the president of the membrane technology research said that the man who died was a
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skilled engineer who had been with the company for five years. they've moved from their native country of romania for their daughter to further her music career. >> city inspectors or read had to this building saying that it is unsafe to enter. the fire chief tells me that this company did pass an annual safety inspection about six ago. >> we have a nice day to kick off this labor day weekend. more fall this morning. temperatures were a lot colder that we have seen. 60's for san francisco and oakland. san jose and the upper 70's. the warmest places in the east bay valley. these centers are running about 10 degrees cooler than what we had yesterday some places were 30 degrees cooler than yesterday. here is the shot from mt. tam.
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that happened right at sunset. there is the father in gathering at the coast. it will push into the bay for tonight. things are shaping up to be pretty similar to what we have today to present day. look for the fall to start out of the morning. the fog to make it east towards livermore, the south bay, north bay, the father should be clear and relatively quickly for tomorrow, a lot like it did today. in the afternoon, sunshine and temperatures a few degrees cooler. things will be warming up as we go into next week. i will let you know more about that in a few minutes. >> a high surf advisory in central and southern california. there are stronger recurrence and the breakers. there was a powerful storm in new zealand's because the serbs. the waves are about 80 ft. high.-- 8 ft. high.
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>> the waves are huge. >> this is rockaway beach on saturday. the waves were expected this labor day weekend. >> they were pretty big, bigger than normal. >> they kept a watchful eye from the shore. >> there is no recurrence here. i feel it is pretty safe. we are experiencing it big waves. it is every parent's worst nightmare to see things go back in the ocean. >> this family is just one of thousands who flocked to the beaches along northern california for the holiday weekend wear rescue crews are also on standby. >> it is a recipe for disaster when people, who are not comfortable in the ocean or cannibis one very well. they come to a beach like this
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because the weather is nice but they can be surprised by how big and powerful waves are. >> this service instructor wrote waves up to 8 ft. high. beachgoers are warned of dangerous a recurrence. >> it is really important, especially people from the ability to not about the ocean, did not turn your back on it. exercise a lot of caution of the water. it is dangerous. >> it is a big beach day and a big sports day. the defending world champions keep falling further behind in the division. they lost the nl west against the diamondbacks, 7-2. the oakland a's beat seattle 3-0.
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>> still ahead, winfrey got a relationship between the cia and muammar gaddafi. >> police are looking for a man who attempted to give that it will buy the saturday morning. >> dinosaurs have invaded the bay area, at least a giant robotic life-size ones. that is coming up in my tech report. >> we find out how this real lives superman helped save the day for it will be collector.
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>> tropical storm lee is headed for the gulf coast. some areas are expected to receive 20 in. of rain. this will be tested the levees rebuilt after hurricane katrina. the governor is urging residents to have an evacuation plan. >> tropical storm we is getting stronger on saturday as it
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heads toward the gulf coast. it is already bearing down on some of louisiana with heavy rains and the battering winds. some residents who survived hurricane katrina are now preparing after the war once declared a state of emergency. >> they told me that the wind was going to be high. i tied down as much as i could. >> tropical storm lee is expected to bring up to 20 in. of rain in parts of the gulf. residents were warned to get ready in half an evacuation plan. >> hold for the best but prepare for the worse. a primary challenge is from louisiana will be a combination of heavy rainfall and the rising tides. >> flooding has already begun. some tornadoes will always be
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possible. >> i am not afraid of letting. it is the wind that i am concerned about. >> for now the gulf coast is bracing. pocket >> new documents found overseas are unveiling some surprising information. we will show you what the relationship and the cia and the muammar gaddafi might be closer than you think. >> a lot of fog of san francisco tonight.
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>> new documents show that cia agents had a close relationship with members of the gadhafi's regime. a common enemy brought them together, al-qaeda. we spoke gaddafi's son. >> this is details a
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cooperation program that began in 2004 when libya relinquished its weapons of mass destruction. the united states, for instance, is handing over prisoners, suspected terrorists to the libyan authorities. the libyan authorities in turn are given questions by the cia to put to these people. therefore, the program is extraordinary renditions. the question is, why did they have to give them to the libyans? this program was obviously something to allow the libyans to use their methods of interrogation with these prisoners which often times involved in torture. what emerges a was a fairly intimate correspondence between senior cia officials and the head of
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libya's external intelligence service. among other things cia officials are thinking hem for oranges and sending his best wishes at christmas. it is the details of the level of intimacy between libya and american intelligence services. depending on where you worked today, a big difference in the weather from place to place. a lot of blue skies. sunshine and warm temperatures. and other places clouded, foggy and downright chilly. tonight here is city hall live. that is the dome of city hall. the fault is down to street level. visibility is low in some places. here are the current temperatures around the bay. at the beach is tomorrow, a
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lot of fog. we will see mostly sunny skies for santa cruz for the afternoon along with a heightened risk of 4 rim friends as well as sneaker waves. it could be dangerous at times of the ocean. look for temperatures on the coast in the upper 50s and 06 days. santa cruz will make it into the '70s. here is a farm tractor. for tomorrow morning, cloudy and a lot of spots. because by 10:00 a.m. it will be out of most spots in the day and into san francisco by noon. as you can see, it hangs on for most of the day.
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cloudy at the beaches. temperatures will be coming down a few degrees for tomorrow. we will see some 70's and most spas, '80s for the forecast. the bradys and low 90s in the east bay valley. a pretty nice day after the fall clears. mid-60s and san francisco, upper 70's in redwood city. in the north bay we will see the fall until 10:00 a.m.. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. for labor day pretty much the same deal. the fall will clear relatively quickly. things really start to heat up in the middle of this coming week. by wednesday, mid- 90s with upper 70's and low
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80s. hot weather are right after we get done with a labor day weekend. that is a forecast that i can deal with. a frightening attack in sonoma county involving a young woman found a screaming for help. police have set up dui check point, we will tell you where they are after the break.
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>> here is stanley roberts and found some people behaving badly. >> i stop you because you did not have your seat belt on. >> it is broken. >> how old is your kid? " >> 15. >> you heard about maximum enforcement, but rarely do you see it in action. >> are you aware that you are not allowed to smoke with a tile inside the car? >> the california highway patrol is out of course looking for everything. >> you are not allowed to smoke in the vehicle with a minor and the car. >> the driver received a ticket
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for not wearing his seat belt. >> this a bicycle is just ran a red light. a bike rider running the red light gets a is a ticket as an automobile driver. >> the reason i stopped to is because you ran for their red light on your bicycle. >> if it has wheels, it is required to follow state and local laws. is there a very maximum enforcement. >> this driver road by the officer with herself told firmly attached to her ear. >> who are you talking to? >> my sister-in-law. >> this driver had tinted windows. >> you cannot attend the driver and passenger windows of less satisfactory tent. >> this next driver probably should have never left home. he has expired registration.
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>> what is of their license? >> it turns out his license has been suspended five times. if you are driving arrest are with expired registration expired license, you might have a problem. >> mercedes-benz just got impounded. my wife just got her license suspended. by license has been suspended. >> there is a tow truck added to this story. but the truck was impounded for 30 days. if you are still confused about maximum enforcement, maybe you should just stay home. >> stanley roberts, kron 4 is. >> up next, imagine walking down the street and having a man grabbed you by the neck. that is what happened to one woman as she walked down a street in some accounting. we will tell you how she escaped. some experts are saying we are sliding back into a recession. like dinosaurs,
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wait until you see what we have for you. all that after the break.
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>> your son sent to ninth from mt. tam looking over the pacific ocean. low clouds as far. some clouds sneaking into the east bay. the fog is a forecast to clear up pretty quickly. still a lot of fog hanging out at the coast. through the debris will see things a warm-up. it will not be as hot as we have seen for the past few days. upper
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70's and low eighties for the south bay. going into labor day a very similar date. it really starts to heat up by tuesday. very little in the way of fall. readings are reaching the mid- 90s in mind. i will let you know what to expect for the week ahead. >> cuddle up police need your help in catching a man who attacked a young woman. >> a young woman along water street on east washington, a man approached her and asked her to come to him. when she said no he grabbed her by the neck and pulled her to the down. the suspect fled after the woman fought him off. an officer on patrol are the victims screaming
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for help. the incident happened around to 3:00 pm behind kodiak jacks, a country dance bar. >> when you go past the corner, passed the bill earlier, when you go down, it is kind of secluded, you have to go down a hill to park. you should not be walking down there at 2:00 a.m. alone. >> people say this is usually a quiet and safe communities. >> the people who hang out around here are usually an older crowd. it is pretty relaxed. kids hang out over here, everyone pretty much all ages. a comfortable and relaxed place to be. >> it is surprising to learn of the attempted kidnapping. >> it is out of place and opera.
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>> i think it is indicative of the *. the shocking for this community. a lot of times people travel here from different areas. late at night there is other stuff involved. >> police were unable to locate the suspect. he is described as a hispanic male in his 20s wearing a black shirt and jeans at the time of the attempted kidnapping. a public defender will be appointed for suspected serial killer and joseph naso. name so changed his mind about wanting to represent himself. the judge added that mesa will have to pay for the attorney. the 77 year-old is charged with the murders of for more than california women.--for northern california women. all of the victims matched last and first
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name initials. state and local enforcement agencies are cracking down on de why is this weekend trying to make holiday travel in a little safer. sergeant troy smith from the santa clara county sheriff's department is participating in a checkpoint in san jose. think for joining us. we tell us where you are and are there more checkpoints like the one you are at? >> yes. we are here on bascom ave. we are between west san carlos and or more. there is another dui checkpoint just down the street conducted by san jose pcd. >> what is your message to drivers? >> we want everyone to go out and have a good time. that is what the holiday weekend is about, when volume irresponsible as well. do not drive drunk. make sure that your sober when
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you get behind the wheel. >> how does this year compared to last year? are you this year? have you been busy tonight? >> we have been ok tonight. we cited one driver for having a suspended license from a prior dui. other than that it has been really peaceful tonight. as far as of last year's statistics, last year we have approximately 287 arrests during the same time period, this year we are already up to 322. i think that is due to extra patrols on the street and these additional dui checkpoints. i know the and i will probably get this year, they give for joining us this evening. in news around the state, crews are making progress on a wild fire that was already engulfed 1,000 a.. the fire is more than 20 percent contained. the fire broke out friday
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afternoon and it destroyed two mobile homes. an unknown number of livestock have been killed. the mandatory evacuation zone has been reduced by half. superman is fighting crime on the streets of hollywood. >> it is a bird, it is a plane, it is superman. >> aside from taking pictures with torras, i did this for >> the smiles> christopher dennis is being called a real lives super hero. his crime- fighting in venture began while on the job. a season approached him, not for a picture of the armed with a collector's item. a one-of-a-kind storyboard. it is worth up to $800 and going for only $20 to the man in the cave.
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>> i knew that it was stolen and i knew where he got it from. >> the general manager discovered a broken glass and a bare wall. >> superman immediately came here, put it in a bag and outside our door. >> superman frequents the place. >> this places like a museum. >> at first glance, he knew but he admits there are no superpowers. only a little superhero that should be an all of us. >> if you know that something is stolen and you know where it came from, returning to its rightful owner. >> the movie memorabilia business owner was able to help police track down the suspects. the suspect was in before asking for a job. speaking of jobs, next on kron 4 news, the
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president is preparing to outline a plan to create jobs. experts say do not expect much change. if you want to experience a state of the art exhibit without the crowds, listen up, we're talking about moving dinosaurs. hey. you
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>> experts are warning there is no quick fix to the u.s. unemployment crisis. mary snow spoke with some discouraged job- seekers. >> august dismal jobs report comes as no surprise to this woman. two years out of college with no permanent job, she is ditching her dream at of filmmaking career. she came to this job center to consider becoming a firefighter. >> we do not know what next year is going to be, and maybe more scarce. jump on something, hold it, learn and to and try to like it. >> reason doctors like this one in los angeles and atlanta
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underscore the difficulties many americans face in finding employment. as the president is ready to outline his ideas on creating jobs, economists say, do not expect a quick fix. >> there can be things done that you are talking about education, infrastructure and other business regulations that could potentially increase the pace of growth in the united states. that is something that can happen in 5-10 years after a lot of investment and changes. his >> the economy is close to sliding back into a recession according to of canton. not all economists believe there is a recovery. >> most americans believe we never left the recession, they are right. >> this is a formal imf economists. they believe it is a good idea for government to invest in infrastructure as long as they're not overpaying for them. he also thinks the overall economy could be held by addressing personal debt. >> having some way of reducing mortgage debts either through
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restructuring the payments, through possibly forgiveness in some cases swiss some quid pro quo, these are ideas that need to be looked at. >> decrease in personal debt could boost consumption which makes up the lion's share of the economy. as ideas are talked about, tumble is not holding out hope of lawmakers will make a difference. >> it is like a lot of high school kids going back and forth, that cannot make up their minds, this and that. >> last month's jobs report shows as 6 million americans have been out of work for six months of more. they account for nearly 43 percent of the unemployed. >> to those who are not looking for a job, they are sagging in their hands. next on kron 4 news you will need a rock star of whose sagging pants got him in trouble and a nine year-old girl was calling him out on it.
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>> the lead singer of the band
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green day's says he was kicked off of the southwest airlines flight because he was wearing or showing off. here is what happened at oakland international on thursday. >> he is a lead singer of green day and an actor. his band has won more than 90 major awards. billy joe armstrong is known as 8 pence sagger. >> i am 9 years old and i am giving my opinion today. >> this is a very opinionated young star. she heard about armstrong's tweet from last night which said, just got kicked off of a southwest flight because my pants were sagging. >> i think that people should pull up their pants when people caland ask them to. it is rich. >> he was asked to look askance twice but did not and was therefore kicked off. >> our friend is not upset with the airlines.
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>> he is a singer, a lead singer, he should take responsibility. >> many have been upset at airlines like southwest for doing this and in a sense of discriminating against someone of that. southwest says as soon as we became aware of what happened we reached out to apologize for this customers experience. he elected to take the next light in which followed up with the customer. >> she does not like sagging. >> hello! we are here also. it is not all about you. >> most of the bay area has seen a lot of sunshine. san francisco was stuck in the fall. it has
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been pretty heavy at times. temperatures are in the 60s today. the golden gate bridge is not too bad, currently. in other parts of san francisco the visibility is pretty low. the fog is down on the street and chilly winters in the '50s for oakland and san bruno. fremont is as 60 degrees right now. a nice night in oakland. it has been beautiful at lake tahoe. there were some showers and thunderstorms today. for tomorrow and monday mostly sunny skies with a slight chance of a few thunderstorms. temperatures in the upper 70's and low 80s. of the fall will clear at around 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. it is going
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to take a while for san francisco. it will be around noon before the clouds are out of here. here is the forecast for sunday. temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s, upper 70's and low eighties for the south bay. readings will warm up a few degrees for labor day but basically a similar day. after labor day things start to heat up for tuesday and wednesday. future cast is showing 90s in many spots. in the meantime, relatively mild temperatures for tomorrow through monday. 60's at
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the beach as with all through most of the day. the north bay will have a beautiful sunday. it will be in the '70s and '80s with 87 because the high for fairfield. monday looks like a carbon copy. tuesday, wednesday and thursday in gets a lot warmer. >> stanley roberts found some people behaving badly. >> normally one does not associate warning labels will homes listed for sale, but in copper that is what you see. there are a lot of foreclosed homes and many of them have no trespassing signs and bank owned signs. this home was located in the shamrock condominium complex. almost everyone does in no trespassing signs. the ones that do not, the windows are
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totally or partially boarded. this apartment complex is a prime example. it had a for sale sign but i doubt anyone will locking on the door to buy it, here is what. everyone know that has not been boarded up is broken. in some cases the boards have been removed and based on this soft drink cup in the window, squatters' may be living here. this is a perfect example of the broken window effect. notice the illegally dumped furniture and computer monitor on the ground. all-around convert their are neglected homes. those are for closures. the eyesores print on primary value for everyone in the community. if you see a neglected home where you live, report it to city officials. that is the only way to keep the problem from spreading. there is no shock to what you're looking at here. dinosaurs, but they are
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robot dinosaurs that move. i will tell you where you can find them after the birth.
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>> time for the kron 4 tech report with gabe slate. >> dinosaurs have enervated the bay area, at least a giant, robotic life-size ones. >> now through jan. the lawrence hall is showing off a high-tech exhibit. there are offering visitors to experience the world of dinosaurs recreated in a unique, interactive exhibition. it is called dinosaurs on earth. these life-size robots move around, make noises and interact with visitors. some of them are kind of scary and it seemed to come to life out of nowhere. quash this kid s he runs away. he was a little
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startled. you have to see the giants at t. rex that they have in the backyard. the triceratops in the lobby was a one of my favorites. walking through the exhibit you really do feel like you're in another place and time. they made it dark and kind of spooky. i do not care how old you are, it is fun. this is great for all ages but especially kids. in this sandbox he can dig for dinosaur bones. they're also showing a 3d movie called dinosaurs alive. dinosaurs on earth is running through january. >> the kron 4 tech report is sponsored by toshiba satellite series. leading innovation. >> i love the dinosaurs, but no one was there.
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>> here is something else, even though i do not have an air conditioner i love that hot forecast. >> you will have to wait a couple of days. >> tomorrow, relatively mild, '60s for san francisco, 80s in the san jose. thank you for joining us tonight, we are back at 11:00 p.m..
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man: that moment. woman: it was a moment that changed my life. i'd been training with my team for months and, now,


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